The Startup-Investor Matching Tool is a platform that introduces underestimated founders to investors globally. We're enabling access to investors and capital, since May 2020.

The tool is free for all and runs independently of any work Lolita Taub does. We don't give preferential treatment to specific founders or investors. Note: the tool's algorithm will match you with investors, without human intervention.

<aside> 📈 5K+ intros made ****between startups and investors since May 2020. Post intros, we've heard of over 80 checks written, totaling over $10 Million! Updated: 2024



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5,000**+ startups and counting
97% Pre-seed + Seed Cos
39% post-product, post-rev
70% US corporate structures
50% female founder
62% founder of color

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*"@lolitataub thank you for creating this matching tool! I was connected to an investor who provided incredibly valuable feedback and is a new relationship for potential future funding once we start building traction."

"Thank you, @lolitataub for your startup-investor match tool! I love it - it's amazing 👏🏾 Thank you for supporting underrepresented founders 🙏🏾" - Katica Roy at Pipeline Equity


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1,000+ VCs and angels
80% Pre-seed investors
94% Seed investors
54% Series A investors
19% Series B & later investors
93% US-based investor
19% angels
81% venture capitalists

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*"Lolita Taub’s investor matching tool is taking names for the waitlist. Our most interesting company in this week’s deal flow came from her tool :)."

*"Thank you @lolitataub, we appreciate your leadership, and damn this is impact!"

*"This is amazing."

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